Spa and Wellbeing in Mauritius and Maldives

LUX* Me is an integrated approach to wellbeing. Fitness, spa, nutrition, yoga and meditation combine seamlessly through our spa concierge to personally tailor your LUX* ME Experience.

LUX* Me provides a solution for guests looking to improve their lifestyle. Feel better, look better, perform better and maybe learn a thing or two. Make the most out of your vacation by releasing all your stress in the spa, toning up with a fitness program, chilling out daily with yoga and enjoying the delights of healthy cuisine that tastes great. Take a wellbeing safari which includes yoga in a stunning natural setting, enjoy a cooking class on the beach or take our Vitalité program to experience the full integrated lifestyle approach of LUX* Me.

For those wanting to take a deeper step into wellbeing, retreats are offered which immerse the guest in yoga, fitness, nutrition and spa treatments to enliven the body, mind and soul. It's all provided by world class experts in an idyllic location.

World Luxury Spa Awards 2014

LUX* Me получил престижную награду Best Luxury Spa Group (Лучшая спа группа в категории люкс) в регионе Индийского океана на знаменитых World Luxury Spa Awards 2014. Голосование проводилось среди гостей отеля и консультантов индустрии спа. Мы поздравляем команду LUX* Me за это достижение и отличную работу в прошлом году. Полную аннотацию можно прочитать по слудующей ссылке здесь